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SAMtelligence – Unsere Analyse. Für Ihre Software-Compliance.

With »SAMtelligence« we provide your organization with proactive SAM consulting. Based on the analysis of your license status, we make specific recommendations that will allow you to maintain or realize your software compliance. We illustrate potential cost savings so you can make decisions based on facts rather than assumptions.

Part of SAMtelligence is a regular SAMtelligence management reporting. Our licensing specialists will provide you with individual compliance reports and recommended actions.

With our »SAMtelligence« service we offer you

  • Analysis of available reports
  • Planning and creating report templates
  • Integration of the report process in the system solution
  • Compliance monitoring and optimization recommendation

SAMasp – According to your requirements.

  • SAM tool Application Management
  • Tool Maintenance Flexera FNMS
  • Tool Maintenance Snow License Manager
SAMasp – Details

SAMdesk – Our Service Desk. For your license management.

  • License management service desk
  • EULA Check Service
  • Commercial SAM Support
  • Maintenance of license data in SAM tools
SAMdesk – Details