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Identity and Access Management (IAM) Workshops

»Identity and Access Management« (IAM) is the administration of user accounts and access authorisations. Nowadays, every company often has several IAM systems in use without referring to them as such. This can be an SAP system, an ERP system or simply an Active Directoy.

In these systems, individual authorisations are often assigned manually. However, this decentralised approach not only entails high administrative costs, but also significant security risks:

  • Efficiency – Relieving the burden on IT through fast onboarding and offboarding of employees
  • Compliance – Compliance with legal, contractual or internal company regulations
  • Transparency – Holistic monitoring and control with audit-proof audit log
  • Security – Minimising security risks from unauthorised access to resources
  • Single Sign-On – Central multi-factor authentication
  • Access control – Workflow-based application for access rights, e.g. 4-eyes principle
  • Interoperability – Fast and uncomplicated integration of new applications into an existing system landscape

Many companies are aware of the importance of a central IAM system. However, the introduction of such a system is often mistakenly associated with high complexity and therefore postponed. However, this does not have to be the case: For example, it makes sense to introduce an IAM system in stages. Already in the conception phase, there are practical tools that, for example, relieve the burden immensely in the elaboration and consolidation of a role model and thus enable a transparent overview of the role and rights structure of a company.

We support you in all phases of establishing an IAM system in your company – from the conception to the selection of a suitable solution to the implementation in your IT infrastructure and the subsequent support.

IAM – Our Workshops

Are you a KRITIS company or do other regulatory requirements exist that make the introduction of an IAM system necessary? Have weaknesses in the assignment of rights been identified in the course of an audit? Or do you want to minimise the administrative effort for the IT department?

With our »IAM Workshops«, we accompany you in this process!

IAM Basics Workshop

In our free IAM Basics Workshop, we introduce you to the functionality and advantages of an IAM system and answer basic questions:

  • How do I proceed to implement an IAM system?

  • How do I implement compliance requirements in the area of rights allocation in my company?

  • How do I achieve a central allocation of roles and rights with a cross-application and audit-proof audit log?

  • Which applications can be connected and how do I connect them?

  • What types of authentication are available to me?

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IAM Health Check

We will work on the following topics together:

  • Determination of the status quo:
    • Which applications exist and how are users authenticated?
    • How is the granting of rights done and how is it monitored?
    • How are higher permissions assigned? (PAM)
    • What are the compliance requirements?
  • Assessment of the status quo / maturity analysis:
      • Which rights are managed centrally?
      • How many access data do employees have to
      • maintain independently?
      • Is there a central and strong authentication?
      • How time-consuming is it to determine the rights of each user?
      • Are there any audit findings, compliance violations or potential security vulnerabilities?

    The results of the health check are made available to you as specification of the as-is analysis.

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    IAM Consulting and Design Phase

    The Consulting and Design Phase builds on a completed health check and offers the following services:

    • Identify immediate measures that can be taken without massive adjustments to your existing IT landscape
    • Proposals for improving the IAM maturity level through architectural adaptations of the existing systems
    • Cost-benefit analysis for the introduction of a central IAM system
    • Support in the selection of a suitable IAM system
    • Joint development of a solution concept
    • Provide a detailed solution specification of each user
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    IAM Integration Phase

    In the Integration Phase, we help you implement a central IAM system; this includes, among other things:

    • Connection of the on-prem and SaaS applications
    • Implementation and mapping of application and approval workflows
    • Automation of onboarding and offboarding processes
    • Technical solution for automated provisioning of the third-party application
    • Implementation of central authentication
    • Carrying out user and administrator training
    • Establishment of a user self-service
    • Creation of acceptance and awareness of end users
    • Establishment of reliable audit and reporting functions
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