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»EU GDPR« – Become compliant!

In our »Data Protection« workshops we will impart basic knowledge about the EU General Data Protection Regulation, determine the status of your data protection compliance, and create transparency regarding the information you process. We will analyze and evaluate your data protection risks, advise you on the introduction of the necessary security measures and the implementation of a data protection management system. We will also support you with our »Data Protection Managed Service« to ensure sustainable and cost-efficient compliance.

Data Protection Basics workshop

  • One-day on-site workshop
  • Basics of data protection
  • New obligations and challenges of the EU General Data Protection Regulation
  • General steps to achieve EU GDPR compliance
  • Creation of awareness and attention within the company and the management
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Data Protection Risk Assessment

  • Multi-day workshop plus subsequent work
  • Inventory and determination of the initial situation
  • Analysis and evaluation of data protection risks
  • On-site evaluation and presentation of the results
  • Creation of a catalogue of measures
  • Next steps in setting up the data protection management system
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Data Protection Security Measures

  • Evaluation, planning and implementation of necessary organizational and technical measures
  • Adaptation of relevant guidelines and processes (governance)
  • Establishment of processes for implementation and compliance with the GDPR regulations (compliance)
  • Adaptation of documents relevant to data protection
  • Data protection awareness training for employees
  • Commissioning and initial support of the data protection management system
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Data Protection Managed Service

  • Provision of the external data protection officer by Softline
  • Continuous monitoring of adequacy and implementation of security measures
  • Monitoring of data protection risk management
  • Training and awareness-raising measures
  • Information and support in data protection incidents
  • Advice concerning data protection issues
  • Risk impact assessment for new procedures to be introduced
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