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Password protection is history.

Software as a Service (SaaS), cloud computing, DropBox, etc.: there are new and ever faster ways of unintentionally accessing data. And this creates new starting points for security concepts. IT managers have to overcome more and more challenges in identity management and compliance.

Identities. Or identity thieves?

Right now in the era of tablets and smartphones, identities of authorised users must be managed not just securely but also flexibly. Effective identity and access management (or IAM for short) is essential in order to ensure that passwords and keycards are not forged or intercepted. This also includes dedicated management of roles and rights.

Identity & Access Management

  • Strong authentication  (on-time password, smartcards, softtoken)
  • Public key infrastructure
  • Digital signatures
  • Federation services
  • Rights management services
  • Identity management
  • Single sign-on