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Bye bye ISDN. Welcome IP telephony!

Is your telephone system already »All-IP« capable? The complete shutdown of the ISDN network by Deutsche Telekom in Germany is in the final spurt. This applies to both private and business customers. No matter whether smaller connections (S0) or Primary Rate Interfaces (S²M) with 30 channels - in the near future companies will have to convert their wired connections to IP using suitable hardware.

We will get your telephone system ready for the future.

Together with our partners, we support you in finding the technologically and economically best solution for your company in order to optimize your existing system environment and make it future-proof. We advise you holistically in the connection of your traditional telephone system to a »Voice over IP« technology (VoIP), through the use of innovative gateways.

How does this change work?

We place a gateway in front of your telephone system which takes over a key position in your IT infrastructure as a reliable interface. In a so-called drop-and-insert scenario, for example, a Ferrari Office Master Gate is placed in front of your PBX, which continues to provide the S²M connection for your PBX. S²M can still be driven towards the exchange, but can also be immediately switched to a so-called SIP trunk. This is a »bundle of voice channels« that are transmitted via a VoIP line.

Step by step to future telephony

Your benefits

  • Continuous use of the S²M connections of the telephone system
  • Immediate conversion to a SIP Trunk (Voice over IP)
  • Enables a gradual introduction of an IP-based telephone system
  • Secure SIP Trunk connection in the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ)
  • Connection of fax servers and other IP-based devices
  • Provision of integrated S0 ports and analog ports