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Clear figures. Instead of paying too much.

How is each client used? And by whom? Which applications are running on each server? How much does each department use each server, and how intensively? What upgrades are needed in the near future? And what options are there for this? IT asset management provides you with answers about all your computers, users, configurations and costs. Clear, concentrated and verified.

IT asset management in a nutshell.

Making inventories instead of false investments – that's also part of effective IT asset management. We gather facts for this – on technical configurations, on user behaviour, on the cost centres. And that's partly how you avoid spending too much on hardware, licenses and services.

Softline services like this will benefit you:  

  • Preparing inventories of hardware and software using inventory agents
  • Searching for specific criteria and recording in a database
  • Distinguishable time periods for individual cycles of inventory preparation