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Desktop and Application Virtualisation: Fast migration. Secure administration.

New employees, new clients, new applications – hardly anything is as dynamic as IT architectures. Ongoing patches, updates and continuous configuration of new terminals can permanently reduce business productivity. Desktop and Application Virtualisation will quickly provide you with an efficient way of Systems Management – and give you more security at a lower cost.

Desktop and Application Virtualisation: More flexibility for your corporate network.

Virtualisation for desktops and applications create centrally managed work environments with secure ways of remote access to clients in the corporate network. This way, authorised employees, partners and customers can quickly use the company's applications and obtain the information they require. Standardised or user-specific – in the office, on the move or from home, meaning complex and time-consuming installations on clients are a thing of the past. With the right configuration (e. g. additional hardenings, micro-segmentation and policy configurations), we increase the security of your critical business data in virtualised environments. We ensure for example that the exchange of sensitive data with the accessing terminal only takes place in a controlled manner.

Desktop Virtualisation

  • Lower hardware costs, optimal use of resources
  • Increased flexibility, compliance and security
  • Reduction of complexity and administrative effort
  • High reliability and scalability
  • Supply of company clients to external devices (BYOD)
  • Advice on licensing and security issues
  • Integration of cloud-based services and applications
  • Comprehensive support with many maintenance and adjustment options

Application Virtualisation

  • Reduced administration effort through unlimited assignment of applications and configurations to terminals
  • Consistent user interface on all terminals (portal)
  • More effective IT-workflows to deploy, migrate, and update applications
  • Easy and secure access to enterprise applications via mobile devices
  • Deployment of individual web and SaaS applications
  • Packaging and central distribution