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IT success factor. Viewed as a whole.

IT is a tool used in your daily work. From manufacturing to sales, from admin to client management. Data integrity and availability, and information for your business are an essential part of this. We ensure that all IT resources which support your business are effectively combined and centrally managed.

It's all about working together!

Softline's Systems Management guarantees that all your IT components and applications will work together successfully. You can track resources, and forecast and avoid problems, meaning your work is supported regardless of location or terminal. And that's the only way you will actually get optimal payback from your IT investment.

At your disposal – and availability.

Systems Management from Softline improves the general availability of your IT. You also gain more control and transparency over your fixed and regular operating costs. You know where and when it makes sense to have which resources, or even where they create problems – and your admins can introduce appropriate automation. Softline supports you in:

  • Preparing inventories of hardware
  • Monitoring server availability
  • Preparing inventories of, and installing, software
  • Antivirus and anti-malware management
  • Monitoring user activity
  • Monitoring capacity

  • Security management
  • Storage management
  • Monitoring network capacity and utilisation
  • Anti-manipulation management
  • Migration scenarios