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More power. Fewer servers.

More efficiency, flexibility and availability with less use of energy, space and administration – expert server virtualisation forms the basis for this. This essentially involves a more intelligent scaling of the whole system so you need significantly fewer physical servers.

Virtual means cost-effective.

On average, servers run at a utilisation of no more than 30 per cent. With virtualisation, the logical functions of servers, storage devices and other systems are separate from the physical devices. All resources are then made available in virtual pools across the entire company network. The service is deployed dynamically and corresponds to the actual behaviour of the users. And if a department requires a new application, the reaction and management are immediate and central. The benefits to you:

  • Less use of energy
  • More space in your server room
  • Faster server provisioning

  • Increased availability
  • More secure disaster recovery

Softline diligence. Your security.

Every diligent server virtualisation requires precise planning and several steps: consolidation and migration of the existing systems to the target environment, and the implementation of new systems in the target environment. The individual design is the essential thing in all this – not just in terms of capacity, but also availability, scalability and disaster recovery requirements.

Planning Implementation Monitoring
  • Mapping the requirements
  • Analysing the current situation
  • Vendor-neutral advice
  • Optimal solution design and sizing
  • Project management
  • Creating redundant and high-availability virtual environments
  • Preparing coordinated security concepts and back-up solutions
  • Documenting and running workshops
  • Managing operations
  • Analysing performance, capacity and configuration management
  • Detecting capacity bottlenecks
  • Ensuring adherence to operational compliance and SLAs