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Less complex. But very agile.

From desktops to data centres and the cloud – Softline will build a dynamic and highly flexible infrastructure for your business based on a unified virtualisation platform. As a prerequisite for solving these new problems on your IT, the processes are virtualised and automated.

Our priority is your capability.

Cloud computing is the fastest way of providing services, but also sets other IT priorities than you were previously used to. The terminal becomes more important, and complex architectures are significantly reduced. It is mainly the automation of processes that reduces complexity quite significantly and speeds up operations here. That’s because the users are now at the heart of things. They want to have access to resources and applications regardless of location and time – whether via PC, notebook, smartphone or tablet.

Is the equation right – cloud = virtualisation?

Or can cloud computing also function without virtualisation? The Softline consultants know the answers to these and other questions. From leaner infrastructure through to simple, even unified, management. And we can show you how to reach the solution you really need with a private, hybrid or public cloud.

Performance leads to productivity.

As recognised specialists for cloud infrastructures, we have the experience needed to provide you with dynamic solutions in virtualised environments. Because a virtualisation changes both requirements and structures. We adapt your IT processes optimally so you also translate the improved virtual performance into actual productivity.

Cloud integration with Softline.

  • Advice on legal and security-related questions.
  • Connecting your environment to the public cloud.
  • Integration of cloud-based services and applications.