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Replacing data backup on tape with Backup as a Service

Head of IT Service: »We are glad that we decided against building a second site and thus saved a lot of money. Softline's backup service is the best choice for us, not only financially, but also functionally and in terms of security and time savings. The cooperation with Softline works flawlessly, which is why we meanwhile have also placed even more tasks in the hands of the IT specialists.«

The 3-2-1 rule of data backup states: at least 3 data copies on at least 2 different storage media in at least 1 external location. To meet the last requirement, our retail customer was faced with the choice of either setting up a second site for its own data center or outsourcing the backup. He settled in favor of the more economical, more flexible and more secure solution: Managed Backup with Softline.

The challenge

  • Complicated data backup on tapes and delivery to external storage location
  • Desire for simplification and fast, flexible access to required data in case of emergency
  • Choice between cost-intensive construction of own data center that meets ISO 27001 and BSI IT-Grundschutz requirements and outsourcing backup to a managed service provider

Our solution

  • Initial project to define the requirements:
    • Initial project to define the requirements:
    • For which data is a backup needed?
    • What types of devices are to be backed up (physical servers, workstations, virtual machines)?
    • How large is the data volume?
    • At what time interval should a backup be performed?
    • How many restore points should be saved?
    • Which storage types (SSD, HDD) should be used?
    • How will the data get from the source to the destination?
    • What is the recovery time objective (RTO)?
    • What is the maximum amount of data that can be lost between the last backup and a system failure (Recovery Point Objective, RPO)?

  • Creation of the backup concept
  • Implementation of the backup strategy and seamless transition into managed service
  • Weekly reporting
  • Regular joint review and, if necessary, adjustment of the backup strategy

The highlights

  • Simple technical implementation, reliable, stable infrastructure
  • Flexible, individual support contract (transparent subscription model) - Pay as you go
  • Data storage in an ISO-certified data center in Berlin
  • Reliable compliance with legal regulations such as GDPR, GoBD
  • Avoidance of high investments for secondary location (construction, hardware, licenses, operation, personnel)
  • More time for other IT requirements
  • Ordering of another managed service