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Planning and implementation of an Enterprise JavaBeans Certificate Authority (EJBCA)

As a financial services provider, our customer has the highest requirements for the security and trustworthiness of its data. Enterprise-wide public key infrastructures prove to be a reliable and indispensable solution in this regard, and Softline was happy to assist with their design and integration.

The challenge

  • Up to now, only self-signed certificates in use - without control and monitoring options
  • Strong compliance requirements
  • PCI-DSS requirement for audit-proof and auditable solution
  • Securing and authenticating people, devices, servers and services

Our solution

  • Initial requirements workshop to identify a suitable security solution
  • Creation of a requirement specification and definition of milestones
  • Design, evaluation and proof of concept of the PKI appliance EJBCA PrimeKey
  • Introduction, training and handover of a compact, secure, scalable and easy-to-use PKI solution for managing digital certificates

The highlights

  • Significant gain in safety
  • Time savings in operation
  • Ongoing managed service and maintenance contract
  • High customer satisfaction will prospectively lead to the ordering of additional managed services, such as signature services