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Implementation of an HCI solution including network components at DILAX

»This new HCI solution has enabled us to embark on an important future route for our infrastructure, which we at DILAX live by for our own portfolio anyway. We are glad that we could count on the valuable support of Softline in this step.«
Robert Selle, Managing Director/CFO, DILAX Intelcom GmbH

With the vision »Local Data for better Cities«, DILAX has been dealing with local data since 1988 and supports public and private partners in extracting relevant information from their data. For this purpose, the medium-sized company headquartered in Berlin develops and implements excellent hardware and software solutions. Their dynamic processes and high quality requirements need a solid, scalable and flexible IT infrastructure - DILAX turned to Softline with this in mind.

The challenge

  • Low staff capacity in the IT department
  • Historically grown system infrastructure that was inflexible and difficult to manage and could not follow the growth trend
  • Target: System with low resource input for management as well as operation and consolidation of deployed vendors

Our solution

  • Consulting services around a hyperconverged infrastructure
  • Choice of the leading vendor for a flexible, agile and easy-to-manage HCI: Nutanix
  • Implementation during ongoing business operations
  • Flexible budget planning tailored to the customer and precise realization
  • Achieve high availability for VM, applications and storage
  • Minimal administrative overhead

The highlights

  • Low acquisition costs, savings on data center operations, low lifecycle costs/"pay as you grow" concept.
  • Simple, economical scaling and management of the data center, web-based management interface, one-click operations (e.g. infrastructure update), self-service provisioning
  • Business agility through scale-out architecture
  • Performance gain in the build and deployment process of the development department
  • Resources freed up for better end-user support when deploying specific applications

About DILAX Intelcom

»We live and work in Berlin. 3.6 million people live here, and the number is growing every year. That makes mobility issues essential for survival. For everyone privately and for us as a company. City life has many facets. So do we - people who are passionate about the future of the city: how mobile, how social, how healthy, how safe, how active can we live in the city?”

Urban development needs local data

DILAX has been working with local data since 1988: We develop and implement excellent hardware to collect local data in urban areas. Our industry-specific analytical software solutions help public and private partners to extract relevant information from their local data to develop their city, make it more attractive for people.They can make informed decisions on how to optimally plan mobility, use workspaces in a diverse and dynamic way, turn stores and shopping centers into worlds of experience, and design public spaces as meeting places for young and old.

In 1'800 cities worldwide, we are a source of knowledge.«

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