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Continuation of the SAMmanaged Service

»The SAM consultants from Softline are not only impressive with their broad expertise, they are also very reliable, and the relationship is based on a spirit of partnership. My colleagues from other business units are therefore also happy to call on Softline's specialists.« (License Manager)

Softline has been working with this customer from the healthcare sector in the field of software asset management and SAMmanaged since 2015. Since they are very satisfied with our services, it was clear to them from the very beginning that they wanted to prolong their partnership with us. The goal was to adapt the specific services to new requirements and expand them to include additional aspects.

The challenge

  • 6,000 employees, 25 subsidiaries worldwide, approx. 8,000 clients and 1,000 servers
  • Insufficient resources and expertise in licensing across existing software vendors (Microsoft, VMware, Adobe, Oracle): only one license manager
  • Need to update SAM-related processes

Our solution

  • Customisation and enhancement of the Software Asset Management in the company
  • Assistance with the mapping of licenses in the SAM tool as well as the dealing with support requests to the tool vendor
  • Periodic reporting on software used, licensing status and contracts
  • Advice on optimization opportunities for licensing and contract design
  • Ensuring compliance with software vendors

The highlights

  • Expansion of the service to include the implementation and development of a maturity model
  • Addition of Critical Success Factors (CSFs) and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to the SAM tool