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Introduction of a company-wide unified Windows 10 standard client

»This was the kind of collaboration you want: our needs were correctly assessed and the solution was implemented in an exemplary manner.«
Andreas Eismann, Global Head of IT Collaboration, Sivantos

Technological pioneering makes the Sivantos Group one of the best in the field of hearing aid acoustics. The central IT department not only wanted to follow this innovative spirit, but to further encourage it. Therefore, we were entrusted with supporting the hearing aid manufacturer in the company-wide unified migration to Windows 10 - while at the same time ensuring high security requirements.

The challenge

  • 6,000 employees in 25 offices worldwide
  • Harmonisation of the desired technical client requirements
  • Definition and introduction of a basic client

Our solution

  • Technical and functional requirements analysis
  • Conception of a company-wide unified Windows 10 standard client
  • Inclusion of security aspects
  • Implementation of the customized Windows 10 image, including approved design concept
  • Windows 10 training of the service desk specially adapted to the client setting

The highlights

  • Additional implementation of Microsoft-based hard disk encryption Bitlocker  with associated management tool:
    • Centralized control of hard disk encryption
    • User-friendly self-service portal (password change, recovery key, etc.)
    • Accurate compliance reporting

About Sivantos

The Sivantos Group is a leading hearing aid developer and manufacturer. Their products are among the best in the world. One in four hearing aids comes from here. Sivantos supplies hearing care professionals in 120 countries with Signia, Audio Service, Rexton and A&M brand hearing aids as well as accessories, fitting software, smartphone apps or workflow solutions.

Around 6,000 employees in more than 25 countries work for the Sivantos Group. Regional companies on the American continent, in the Asia-Pacific region and in Europe are also part of the Sivantos Group, as are HearUSA, an acoustic chain in the USA, Audio Service and the Internet portal audibene, among others.