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Softline Code of Business Conduct

Dealing with employees, customers and business partners

Dealing with our employees, business partners and customers is characterized by fairness and openness; the rights and privacy of the other are respected. The Softline Group maintains long-term customer relationships, which are characterized by sustainable cooperation. As an internationally active company, we meet our customers with understanding and tolerance. This results in a respectful interaction with customers and other external persons who are in a business relationship with the company group.

Human rights

We commit ourselves to respect, protect and promote the rights of people in accordance with international law. The Softline Group considers, among other things, the following rights as fundamental and universal: protection from any form of discrimination, whether based on belief, color, nationality, ethnic origin, age, religion, sex, gender, sexual orientation, family status, affiliation to a national minority, disability or any other status.

Handling of information, data security and data protection

All employees commit themselves to an open, truthful and complete exchange of information relevant to work and knowledge in the company. This excludes information which is subject to confidentiality. Employees of the Softline Group are obliged to contribute to the active safeguarding of confidential internal and external data against access by third parties in accordance with existing guidelines. The Softline Group undertakes to treat all personal data in a highly sensitive manner and to protect it against misuse.

Compliance with all legal regulations and fair cooperation are the pillars of society for us. As Softline Group, we also want to be guided by these principles. Therefore, we are committed to the following goals with our compliance regulations and our "Softline Code of Business Conduct":

  • Compliance with current laws
  • Prohibition of corruption and bribery
  • Respect for the fundamental rights of employees
  • Appropriate working conditions for our employees
  • Protection of data and company secrets