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Development of the House of SAM® to the House of ITAM®

Back in the day, we introduced the House of SAM®: our tried and tested approach, based on the ISO/IEC 19770-1:2012 standard for SAM. Translating the numerous pages and pages of the ISO standard to a model that organisations could actually follow whilst taking their steps to increase their SAM maturity level, was the birth of the »Softline Solutions’ House of«, our registered trademark of the visualisation of IT maturity models.

With the update of the »old« SAM ISO standard to the ISO/IEC 19770-1:2017 standard for ITAM, we welcomed the Softline Solutions’ House of ITAM®. The ITAM maturity model is visualised as a house built from the ground up. Designed to fit all organisations, with a »building process« that is a fit to their specific long-term goals and short-term set milestones. An approach that has helped all our customers, internationally or locally situated, medium sized or large, to find their SAM & ITAM answers.

The 2017 version of ISO/IEC 19770-1 is designed:

  • To provide a framework for planning, implementing & optimizing a management system for IT Asset Management
  • with a common structure and standard sections to align & integrate its IT Asset Management system with related ISO systems

Introducing Hardware assets (for example Physical IT equipment & media), and introducing IT asset Services like SaaS applications & hardware maintenance.

This house is structured according to the 3 tiers (or levels of maturity):

  • Tier 1 reflects the operation of SAM – Trustworthy data
  • Tier 2 refers to the integration with the IT Asset Life Cycle – Life Cycle Integration
  • Tier 3 shows the integration with adjacent functional management processes – Optimisation

The 3 tiers, or maturity levels, correspond with the three main objectives that organisations want to achieve with the implementation and execution of our IT Asset Management services: Compliance, Control and Cost savings.

Using the ISO standard for ITAM to implement SAM & ITAM in the organisation, ensures a trusted & certifiable approach towards software publishers, as well as the internal organisation and provides a clear framework for setting up ITAM in an organisation.

A solid House for the years to come that continues to prove to be a valuable framework to get in and keep control on your SAM & ITAM practice!

Softline Solutions is an award winning organisation and trusted implementation partner for:
Flexera, ServiceNow, Snow Software and Tanium

Pictures arround the development of the House of SAM® to the House of ITAM®